Israeli bars to offer free beers and shots to vaccinated youths

In Israel, a city bar had the ingenious idea of offering free beers and shots for people who get vaccinated.

Beer taps
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Beer taps

An Israeli bar has instilled this idea so that young people should get vaccinated in droves. Ichilov Hospital and Magen David Adom both took part in this vast operation. The bar manager told Business Insider:

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It's annoying to stand in line when you go to the appointment, but if you invite them for a drink and, while you're there, you offer them the vaccine, they won't refuse it.

In Israel, 33% of the population has already received the two doses of the treatment for COVID-19. A figure which is very high, but which could be even higher. Indeed, as it stands, teenagers have reservations regarding their wanting to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Shots for vaccination

At the moment, only 30% of young people would be eligible for treatment. However, in recent weeks, 75% of contaminations involved young people under the age of 39.

An Israeli bar therefore had the brilliant idea of promoting free drinks, provided that young people get vaccinated. And thing is, they are not the only ones to have had this idea. Indeed, other brands encourage people to be vaccinated in exchange for sweets or typical dishes of Israel.

All young people aged 16 and over vaccinated

Two months ago, the Hebrew state launched a vaccination campaign with the ambition to vaccinate all young people aged 16 or over, which means 6.4 million people out of a population of 9 million by the end of March. The country has therefore concluded an agreement with the medicine giant Pfizer.

According to Michael Attal, co-manager of a vaccination centre in Tel Aviv, who agreed to testify in front of a microphone at Europe 1, the pressure on hospitals is falling and patients over 60 are no longer in the majority in hospitals.

People over 16 have been vaccinated for three weeks.
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