This Little Girl Accidentally Stumbled Across a 3,000-Year-Old Buried Treasure While at the Beach

This 8-year-old little girl recently made quite an impressive archaeological discovery when she was at the beach playing with her grandfather and the news shocked everyone!

Ava Bray is an 8-year-old little girl from the United Kingdom who recently stumbled across quite an unusual archaeological gem. This little girl proved she was really smart and has since been celebrating her discovery.

Apparently, and according to the media RT, this little schoolgirl made this rather unusual discovery at a beach in Southbourne, a little suburb on the southern coast of England. But how?

Ava was playing with her grandad at the beach when she asked him if she could use his metal detector. According to the media, her grandfather was a member of the National Council of Metal Detecting.

The little girl started using the device and within no time at all, the instrument started beeping, indicating that it had found something. The intelligent schoolgirl proceeded to excitedly excavate around 15 to 20 centimetres of sand and finally found what had set off the device.

But what had she found? A 3,000-year-old antique axe from the ‘Bronze Age’! According to the Daily Mirror, her grandfather revealed that he could ‘see it was made of bronze’ and confessed that he didn’t realise how old it was until he looked the object up on the internet.

We were very lucky - some people with metal detectors can spend a lifetime searching and never find anything like that,’ added her grandfather.

As for the little girl, she hopes that she will be able to keep her buried treasure, but the fate of the object remains unknown for now. Should it go to a museum?

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