This Journalist Took A Huge Risk To Get This Footage Of Hurricane Michael

Jim Cantore, an American weather reporter, was nearly impaled live on TV by debris being swept around by Hurricane Michael.

This footage has been making the rounds on social media. In this video Jim Cantore, a well-known American meteorological journalist, can be seen being battered by Hurricane Michael, one of the most violent in US history.

Jim Cantore had been sent on location between Tallahassee and Panama City Beach in the middle of the storm, which had winds reaching 155 mph. Live from Panama City Beach, the 54-year-old journalist struggled against gusts that pushed him off balance when he had a reflex that probably saved his life; he took a few steps to the side when he saw that a huge beam was headed towards him.

On the television footage you can then see the beam impale itself in the fence behind the meteorologist. Ironically Jim Cantore had another narrow escape in the storm... A few hours earlier he had also stopped one of his colleagues from being swept away by the wind. The latter escaped with only a few scratches on his helmet.

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