These Two Girls Went Viral After Walking Through a Car Wash

TikTok is full of gems. In fact, the majority of memes and trends of the last few months got their start there. Did you happen to see what happened to these two girls?

These Two Girls Went Viral After Walking Through a Car Wash
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On the quest for TikTok - or social media, in general - fame, a lot of people are willing to push boundaries and embarrass themselves. I mean, what is shame anyway? Who cares? The more embarrassing the post is, the more likely it is to go viral, right?

We've already seen perfect - although borderline tragic - examples of what being obsessed with TikTok can do to people, like the two young women who had a car accident and immediately took out their phones to make a video.

If you think that's crazy, wait until you see the two girls in this new viral video, posted by @madisonmorosky on TikTok and later reposted by @BestViralPosts.

Can you take a guess? No? Well, these two ladies thought it'd be a good idea to step out of the car during a car wash. You won't believe what happened next!

Not only were they soaked by the car wash's super powerful water jets, but the girls were also covered in foam, and one of them resorted to climbing on top of the hood to escape the rest, because she'd clearly had enough.

The Twitter account that reposted the video summed it up perfectly: "I only have one question: Why?" Questions that need answers...