People With Sneeze Fetishes Could Be Playing a Dangerous Game During the Pandemic

Nothing has allowed people with particular and interesting fetishes to connect like the internet, and the best part about that is that is we get to see all the strange and wonderfully absurd things that go through other peoples heads.

People With Sneeze Fetishes Could Be Playing a Dangerous Game During the Pandemic
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We're all different and are allowed to like different things. From favourite foods and drinks to music and tv there's nothing wrong with any of the choices you make. And in a world that's more connected than ever, there's truly something out there for everyone.

If you've never done so, google a list of most strange fetishes in the world, some of the things people are into might just blow your mind. From being around just by being cold or watching someone freeze to getting off on the site of someone falling down the stairs. These are very real, albeit strange fetishes in which communities have been built.

One such community was having an open discussion on a forum about their thoughts on the coronavirus. Why is that significant? Well, they have a sneeze fetish. Yep, these internet users all enjoy a good sneeze. Whether it's sneezing themselves or watching someone sneeze, or even in the case of one poster, having someone sneeze all over their body.

On the forum where users openly discuss their likes and dislikes regarding the body's reflex-like reaction to something trying to invade our naval crevices. Some 'sneeze-people' have noticed an increase in the portrayal of sneezes being shown in the media due to the constant discussion of illness from COVID-19 and frankly, they're pretty happy about it. One user named Shining Light stated:

The increased levels of sneer talk and news stories with sneezing women as the header images are quite nice.

Another user expressed his excitement about having a bit of sneezing fun with a 'playmate' who he planned to have sneeze all over his body:

Same here for sure. I'm having a lady friend around on March 27 who I haven't played with for 18 months. She's going to sniff chhinkinni and sneeze on me. I expect no ill effects.

Now, as much fun as this sounds, if you're into that sort of thing, it's still a very dangerous position to put yourself in. Especially during this time when we have a very dangerous and sometimes not easily detectable virus spreading across the globe. One user commented on his preference for allergic reaction sneezes as opposed to a reaction caused by illness.


While NoV does have some sensible logic behind his preference, it doesn't mean that allergy sneezes won't make you catch the coronavirus. In fact, sneezing isn't even a symptom of COVID-19. However, the virus is able to travel through droplets of saliva and bodily fluids through the air when someone coughs or sneezes, making all variations of sneeze related activity potentially hazardous. Sorry folks, it looks like you'll have to get your kinks some other way. Or risk being sick I guess...