People Are Outraged By What This Priest Does In His Spare Time

A priest Portugal is causing a stir on social networks. Indeed, this man's entire community is appalled by what he likes to do in his spare time. But what might this shocking hobby be? Read on for all the details.

Some parts of the Church are changing. So much so that many of its members, such as priests, are starting to do certain things that are a far cry from the exercise of faith in their spare time.

One such priest, Ricardo Esteves, has been dubbed "the sexy priest" because he has a trendy hairstyle, wears fashionable clothes, and has a toned body. On top of that, he always has a perfect tan, based on his social media photos.

This priest starred in a video and has since started modelling. Apparently, he's great at it and, judging from the photos we've seen of him, it's clear that the man isn't skipping any workouts.

Ricardo Esteves, 36, has 9,300 fans on Facebook because of his appearance and his modelling work. According to La Verdad, this man joined the priesthood more than 10 years ago and is currently giving Mass in the Portuguese city of Valença do Minho, located in the District of Viana do Castelo, in the north of Portugal.

He got there a few weeks ago after he was transferred from parishes in Seixas, Lanhelas and Vilar de Mouros, in the municipality of Caminha. How come? What did his parishioners say? Apparently his Christian community adored him, and they started a petition to prevent his transfer.

He was recently a music video for the Portuguese band Intenso, which made their own version the song 'Pretty Woman.' Of course, he's not exactly pleased with his nickname: "People have started saying I'm the sexiest priest after reading about me in the sensationalist press, but I don't think I am because I don't see myself that way," he said.

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