Man records haunted porcelain dolls, confirming our worst nightmare

One American man lived everyone's nightmare after experiencing his wife's porcelain doll collection moving on its own.

Nobody except our nans love porcelain dolls. The creepy antiques just reek of hauntings and nightmares. One Ohio man, Chad Gassert, had the unfortunate luck that he not only married a woman with a porcelain doll collection, he also witnessed the dolls moving on their own.

Gassert's wife had decided to put her dolls on display in the living room, which they apparently did not like as they kept trying to get out of the display box. Chad claims he's already seen the dolls moving on their own on at least two separate occasions.

The first instance occurred back in January when Chad spotted the haunted dollsmoving from across the room. Knowing this was surely not a trick of the eye and instead possibly the start of his cinematic death, he brought out his camera to try to catch the movements. The second occurrence happened earlier this month where Chad once again caught the dolls on film. He can be heard in the background:

I’ve gotta be f*cking tripping right now. This motherf*cker just f*cking moved, dude. I’ve gotta be f*cking tripping. We f*cking outta here. Nope.

The video shows one of the dolls moving its leg and lean forward onto the glass. We don't blame it, the way the doll was cramped into the display case it clearly just wanted to stretch its legs. The video then pans to the laundry on the couch as it mysteriously falls to the ground.

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Chad was not ashamed to admit the events prompted him to hide in his bedroom, waiting until the dolls came to find him. He stated:

I’m still a little shook. I went to my bedroom and was looking at the door, waiting for that motherf*cker to bust through it. This is the second time this [has] happened now. Last time was just the doll [that moved]. And now a completely different doll is moving and clothes just fall off the couch. It only happens when I’m here by myself.
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Gassert insisted that the video was not a poor attempt at a boredlockdown prank, that there were no strings or magnets attached to the glass. Social media users agreed that the events were way too freaky and insisted that he get rid of the haunted dolls by setting them on fire to ensure there would be no lingering energy.

It is unclear what Chad's wife thinks about the terrifying instances but we recommend she gets a less death-inducing hobby.

To witness the nightmare fuel for yourself check out the video above!

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