Man left disturbed after pulling 5 metre 'alien' tapeworm from his rear

One Thailand man got the fright of his life when he realised the true cause of his tummy pain was a 17 ft alien-looking tapeworm after pulling it out of his rear end. WARNING: Article contains disturbing content.

Fewer things are grosser than realising you have a parasite living inside you, but having to pull it out of your rear end is definitely on the list.

Duangchan Dachyoddee had been suffering from a stomach ache when he decided that a trip to the toilet may be the fix he needed... And in a way it was.

The 34-year-old from Nakhon Sawan was on the loo, minding his own business when he noticed something moving against his skin, after a quick look down between his legs, Dachyoddee noticed a huge yellow worm hanging around the toilet bowl.

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The frightened man jumped up from the toilet only to realise that the tapeworm was coming from inside him. Dachyoddee did the only one could expect and proceeded to slowly pull the 5-metre worm out of his derriere, just like a magician's handkerchief.

Duangchan said that when he first saw the creature he thought it was an 'alien', he stated:

I couldn't believe how long it was. I kept pulling and it was still stuck in my bottom. When the whole worm came out I measured it and it was five metres long. I thought it was an alien. It was disgusting. That thing had been living inside me for a long time.
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Duangchan put the worm in a container and took it to the doctors where medical professionals identified that the parasite was, in fact, a beef tapeworm or taenia saginata and not the result of an alien probing.

Dachyoddee was told that he would have become infected with the parasite by eating raw or ill-prepared meat, which makes sense considering Dachyoddee's favourite meal is Key Neua, a spicy raw meat salad dish that is popular in the region.

Doctors also warned the poor guy that there would most likely be other worms taking residence inside his system but luckily they were able to prescribe him some medication to kill them off. Duangchan admitted he isn't super stoked about the idea of more squatters living in his stomach, but after pulling out the one monstrosity of a tapeworm he's been feeling a lot better:

My stomach has felt better since the big one came out. But I still feel a bit sick knowing that there are more worms inside me. The doctors said it would be a few days before I start feeling better.
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