He was suffering from a 48-hour erection - until doctors did something gruesome

A man had to endure an erection that lasted for two days. What happened afterwards is a nightmare…

After Suffering From an Erection for 48-Hours, Doctors Had to Do Something Gruesome
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A man from Lucknow in India suffered through a painful erection that lasted for two days. He finally went to the doctors, whose only option was to amputate it, as the German media source tag24.de reported.

An unavoidable amputation

First, the doctors tried to drain the blood from the 52-year-old’s penis using a catheter, but it was too late for that. Gangrene, also known as tissue necrosis, had already started to form on the end of the patient’s penis. Under these circumstances, the doctors had no other choice but to remove the dead tissue and as a result, amputate the end of the penis.

Luck in an unlucky situation

Despite all of this, the patient, whose identity has not been revealed, found luck in this unlucky situation. According to the attending doctor, Dr Saqib Mehdi, the man was able to urinate properly and normally just three weeks after his operation. Why the patient had such a long-lasting erection is still unknown. It is possible he had taken Viagra that, in his case, was too strong and the effects were prolonged as a result.