He Was Pronounced Clinically Dead But Two Months Later He Came Back To Life

After being pronounced brain dead and on the cusp of having his life support machine being unplugged, the young Trenton McKinley did the seemingly impossible.

He Was Pronounced Clinically Dead but Two Months Later He Came Back to Life
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Trenton McKinley is a medical marvel. There are no other words to describe it. It all started at the beginning of 2019, in Alabama in the United States. He was strapped into a trailer that violently flipped over onto the concrete. The 13-year-old boy was flung to the floor and crushed. He then suffered from seven fractures in his skull and kidney failure and was left in a coma.

He was like this for two months. The chances of him waking up were so tiny and uncertain that his parents signed a release that would authorize doctors to remove some of his organs in order to save five ill children who were currently waiting for donors. The doctors prepared to unplug him, but the day before his machine was to be turned off; Trenton started showing signs of life.

He moved a hand, then a foot before progressively opening his eyes. Trenton woke up. It was definitely a miracle that doctors could not explain. Nowadays, even though there are still significant effects on his health, the youngster has a positive outlook which means he is well on his way to recovery.