Footage of a man shouting for help during the quarantine is going viral

The coronavirus has quickly become the biggest health problem of our generation and is one that we were not prepared for in the slightest. To prevent the virus from spreading, lots of countries have decided to put their people into quarantine. And as a result, a video of a man pleading for help has recently gone viral.

As we’re sure you are aware, the coronavirus that originally from China, has been wreaking havoc across the entire European continent and has even made its mark in America and Africa.

Before the problem gets any worse and in order to limit the number of people infected, governments in several countries such as Spain and Italy and France have taken to drastic measures. Such as confining the population to their houses, also known as a quarantine.

The people affected by these new regulations are only allowed to leave their houses to go to the pharmacy, buy food or essential goods and go to work, that is if their employers haven’t made it possible for them to telecommute or work from home.

Lots of videos have recently emerged that have gone viral and lots of historical moments have since arisen that will stick with us forever.

One of these videos shows a man ‘desperately' shouting from his window, ‘Get me out of here, I can’t bear my wife any longer!’

He was also crying,

It’s only been two days and I can’t take it any longer

It didn’t take long for the laughs, likes and comments to start pouring in. Now more than ever, we need to stay positive and, as people say, put on a brave face!

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