Famous Austrian town called F**king is finally changing it’s name

There are tons of places across the world with hilarious names and there’s no denying we have all spent a little time on Google Maps looking them up. But perhaps one of the most famous places, an Austrian town named F**king, is finally changing its name.

We all know about Hell in Norway,Twatt in Scotland and most of all, many of us have at one point looked up F**king inGoogle Maps.

Many places across the world hailed the internet for putting them on the map. But not F**king. In fact, the place detests the attention brought by their name so much that they’ve decided to change it.

That’s right, after years of ridicule, this Austrian town has finally decided to change its name.

Mayor of the town, Andrea Holzner recently revealed to Austrian broadcaster Oe24 that from the 1st of January 2021, F**king will be renamed to Fugging...That’s not much better is it?

Holzner told the Austrian media station:

I can confirm that the village is being renamed. I really don't want to say anything more - we've had enough media frenzy about this in the past.

The tiny town has a population of just 100 people but has had their namesake for over 1000 years. But, due to a bit of goodhearted goofing around, that 1000-year-old name will be no longer.

Ever since the rise of Google Maps, the town has been the butt some kind of joke, featured countless times in articles and pages all dedicated to the funniest or rudest place names across the world.

One Article from back in 2012 even details that residents of the town were getting fed up with tourists posing naked next to their sign for a photo and even going so far as to do the nasty next to it all for the sake of innuendo.

Some residents have even tried to make a buck out of the publicity by selling souvenirs from postcards to beer all with the name F**king.

As expected the name change has internet citizens split with some believing that the town should just keep their name for the sake of fun. One person commented:

They're getting free publicity - they ought to have been happy to have a funny name.

So, if you want a funny picture in front of one world’s dirtiest signs then you have about a month to do so. After that, all signs will be changed to Fugging which isn’t nearly as much fun.

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