Cringe: This man’s soul was crushed when they showed up on kiss cam

Imagine the moment of terror when you pop up on the kiss cam beside someone you’ve been fancying for ages. How will they react? This lad lived that nightmare.

Thekiss cam is hands down one of the most potentially embarrassing and slightly predatory things that could happen to you at a sporting event. You're sat there trying to watch the match and all of a sudden you're the centre of attention with tens of thousands of eyes staring at you as you're coaxed into making your move. Imagine popping up on the screen beside your sister or a stranger? How do you get out of that?

Well for some this might be a great excuse to give a little peck to that friend you’ve fancied for who knows how long. Unfortunately for the guy in the video above, he didn’t get too lucky. The classic turn of the cheek made it clear that she didn't share the same feelings. No doubt that made for a pretty awkward second half of the game...How do you recover from that?

The kiss cam has long been known to create some embarrassing moments, whether it's outing people who called in sick to work, or accidentally setting you up with a family member, the kiss cam has done it all.

We're sincerely hoping this poor guy was able to live it down. Who knows - maybe he's had better luck since then?

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