UFC: The Day Johnny Walker Almost Killed One Of His Opponents

UFC: The Day Johnny Walker Almost Killed One Of His Opponents

Johnny Walker, at the root of insanity.

During one of the preliminary combats of UFC 235, Johnny Walker once again lived up to high expectations, taking out Misha Cirkunov in a mere 36 seconds with a magnificent flying knee. The same man who made a name for himself in Dana White’s Contender Series Brazil (with a unanimous decision, at that) is looking for a knockout.

Since his beginning in the UFC, the Brazilian man has earned himself three victories, each after a KO in under two minutes—wins accompanied each time with bonus awards for Performance of the Night.

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Johnny Walker is one-of-a-kind, that’s for sure. But make no mistake: this fighter isn’t just playing the part for Dana White’s organization. The aura of insanity that surrounds him has been present since early in his professional fighting career.

During 2018’s Krawy Sport 1 event in Southampton, Johnny literally could have killed his opponent without the referee’s intervention. Just one more thing proving that this light-heavyweight doesn’t come from our planet!

Lily Reeves
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