UFC: Is A Heavyweight Tournament A Good Idea?
UFC: Is A Heavyweight Tournament A Good Idea?
UFC: Is A Heavyweight Tournament A Good Idea?
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UFC: Is A Heavyweight Tournament A Good Idea?

By Rob Mitchell
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Something amazing could be in the works but it might not be smooth sailing.

Due to a lack of publicity compared to their cousin UFC, Bellator MMA announced a heavyweight tournament last year. Following its success, a welterweight tournament was also announced. Despite the UFC not lacking in superfights, the heavyweight category has been somewhat disorganised since the return of Brock Lesnar and Stipe’s defeat. A heavyweight tournament in the UFC would not be a bad idea.

On paper, it is perhaps even the idea of the century. The best heavyweights of all time going at it to win the honourary title of ‘Best Ever.’ Cormier, Miocic, Ngannou, Lewis, Hunt, Volkov, Werdum, Overeem, Blaydes, Dos Santos, all would be so inclined to join the party. One could even imagine the arrival of Jon Jones among the heavyweights. In short, on paper it’s an incredible prospect.

In reality, a tournament of this kind would only accentuate the current mess among the heavyweights. The many injuries and suspensions would not allow the tournament to be completed in less than three years and fans would quickly get lost between the various matchups. The classification of the category would become even more incomprehensible than it already is. In addition, DC vs. Lesnar is apparently scheduled for early 2019. Several reasons why this dream will never become a reality.

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