BJ Penn Got Knocked Out In The Street During A Fight, But Then Took His Revenge

BJ Penn Got Knocked Out In The Street During A Fight, But Then Took His Revenge

The UFC legend BJ Penn was involved in another street fight. The website TMZ released two videos where he can be seen getting knocked down and then violently hitting another man on the ground in the middle of the street. Pathetic.

Conor McGregor has a serious competitor! In terms of decline and trouble in bars, he has found his rival in BJ Penn. While the Irish man's attack on an old man in Dublin is far from flattering for his image, his two-time champion accomplice has managed to be even more ridiculous in recent years.

Besides being a shadow of himself in the octagon with an abyssal series of seven defeats since 2011, including the first submission of his career against Ryan Hall, the Hawaiian fighter has multiplied the mistakes in his personal life.

A drunken fight

Suffering from serious alcoholism problems for a long time, the first two-time UFC champion faced serious charges of violence and threats against the mother of his children last year. The case ended with a restraining order, and he found himself in turmoil again after a video was released where he was seen fighting with a bouncer outside a strip club in Honolulu.

This time, it was Pahoa who BJ Penn decided to bash. But the result is almost the same: a first video released by TMZ shows him violently hitting a man on the ground who is trying to protect himself. A second video released a little later shows the same man sending the UFC fighter down to the ground with two punches to the chin.

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All we know is that the incident took place outside a nightclub and that local police are currently investigating the matter. But one thing is certain: Penn was knocked out in a bar fight after having had too much to drink, which confirms that he will have trouble getting any lower than this. A sad reality.

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