You May Not Recognise Her... But This Woman Was A Big Part Of Your Childhood

With its adorable face and infectious laughter, Teletubbies' 'baby-sun' has no doubt made its mark on the famous program of the late 1990s for toddlers. 20 years later, discover what she's become.

Certainly as well known as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, 'the baby-sun' that inevitably appeared in each episode of Teletubbies, made toddlers' happy watching this fun and colourful program in the late 90s.

A role that stuck by chance

Created in 1997 by the BBC, Teletubbies was a series intended for very young children featuring four endearing characters who lived crazy adventures in a singular green world. In this surreal universe lived a sun with the sweet face of baby, played at the time by a small British girl by the name of Jess Smith.

20 years later, she's obviously grown! Today, at 21 years old, the young woman explained the conditions in which she spent at the time of casting that allowed her to take the role. When she was taken to Edenbridge Hospital in Kent for a 9-month medical visit, the girl was filmed by a member of production that day at the clinic. Impressed by her face and her convincing expressions, he decided to make her the iconic sun of the show.

However, the young woman hasn't always been a fan of this part of her life, even though she's rather proud now. 'I've always hidden this aspect of my life, but after talking with my friends, I realised that it was time to admit that I was the Teletubbies sun,' she told The Mirror.

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