Watch The Crowd Go Wild As She Tears Her Dress Off In The Middle Of Her Performance

Judges and crowd members alike we're totally thrown off when she decided to do a, well, mid-performance outfit change.

We'll never get tired of checking out clips of international versions of Got Talent - one of our favourites being when one man knocked himself out cold.

This one is incredible, but for an entirely different reason. Opera singer Cristina Ramos surprised the entire jury of Spain Got Talent (the Spanish version of Got Talent) during her performance.

She begins her performance with a sweet and melodious piece of opera singing and seems to win over the judges with her powerful voice. But this was just the start. As the first notes of AC / DC's Highway To Hell start to play, Crisitina Ramos tears off her skirt and starts belting out the hard rock track.

This surprising moment made the audience and the four members of the jury get to their feet, including the Spanish singer Edurne Almagro who was left speechless before pressing the golden buzzer, ensuring Cristina Ramos would pass on to the next round.

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