This Ex-Big Brother Contestant Claims To Have Been With 270 Men In Half A Year

Big Brother contestants are no strangers to activity in the bedroom. However one contestant's number of notches on the bedpost borders on sexual addiction.

For years we have been witness to the birth of new celebs, those that, after participating in a given reality show, they then take advantage of this opportunity to earn all the money they can, while they are still famous. Interviews, gigs, polygraphs, any excuse is enough to keep people talking about them!

In Big Brother, around 20 people take part in each season of this successful TV show and in the competition, anything can happen, from fights to situations that can be described as risqué or racy.

And now an ex-competitor of the Spanish version of the reality TV show has said that in just 7 months, she has had sex with 270 men. You can hear all about it in the video.

Sexual addiction

SAA, the association that deals with this type of addiction, explains that sexual addiction is like a compulsive need to have sex or show another type of obsessive affection towards someone.

Various studies recognize that people that have the addiction to have sex in a short space of time, suffer from low self-esteem and turn to sex as a coping mechanism to fill a void that they feel.

Some signs that indicate that you could be a sex addict are the same: having sex with strangers, constant sexual thoughts, feelings of slavery before the desire, etc.

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