I’m a Celeb: Contestants’ secret trick to stop conversations being aired

Nothing is worse than having the whole world listen in on your private conversation. But, it seems that this year’s campmates had a secret trick to stop their conversations going on air.

I’m a Celeb: Contestants’ secret trick to stop conversations being aired
© ITV/I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
I’m a Celeb: Contestants’ secret trick to stop conversations being aired

Gwyrch Castle was a difficult environment for campmates to endure, so sure, maybe they needed to have a bit of a whinge once and a while. But, in order to stop their secret conversations being aired, theI’m a Celeb campmates had a very special trick.

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A fewI’m a Celeb secrets have been coming out since the show ended. We now know that there were hidden heaters in the camp, that Shane Richie was secretly sick and Jordan North almost didn’t make it!

But one more bag of beans have been spilled as Jordan North revealed that contestants would sing Disney songs so their conversations couldn’t be aired.

Unfortunately for us, it seems viewers really didn’t get to hear much of the juicy camp gossip as they had a special trick to stop ITV from using the footage.

North spoke to his Radio 1 co-star Greg James, stating that the contestants were banned from singing any songs by The Beatles, Disney and Queen.

Copyright issues meant that ITV wasn’t allowed to show any footage that contained these artists songs. So, in order to keep juicy conversations quiet, contestants would deliberately sing in the background 'I Want To Break Free'.Jordan stated:

Before we went in, we were told not to sing any songs by Queen, The Beatles or Disney because we can't get them cleared. That means you've got to get the rights for it. So if we were having a conversation that we didn't want to go on air, we'd have a conversation and we'd get someone in the background to sing 'I Want To Break Free'.

He continued:

So I'd be there with Shane Richie going, 'Is he really like that? I've always loved him on the telly'. Shane's saying, ‘Can't stand him mate, he is nothing like you see...Then you've got Vernon in the background going 'Hey Jude, don't let me down'. Then we'd know it wouldn't go on air!

We wonder, who they could have been talking about?

ITV/I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Adjusting back to life outside the castle

Jordan, who came in second place in this year’s season of I’m a Celeb claims he has been struggling to adjust to his newfound popularity. He told This Morning:

Its been a weird couple of days and I didn't realise how many people were watching. On the way down on Sunday, we were going back down to London and I said to the driver 'can we stop at the service station?’ And we pulled into the service station and I ran into the toilet. I went in one way and came out the other. And there was like a queue and a crowd so I joined the queue as I thought it was the queue to get out. And the girl next to me said: 'They're queuing for you'.

After a month away from the station, Jordan has also started work back at Radio 1, kicking off his first shift back with none other thanS Club 7’s anthem Reach.

The move was a nod to his campmates Giovanna Fletcher and Beverly Callard. The song was played in the Castle camp as Giovanna brought in the CD as her luxury item. North paired the cheesy song with an equally cheesy speech, stating that he and all his fellow competitors would be ‘friends forever’. He gushed:

There's only one song I can start the show with today...I'm dedicating this to 11 friends I recently made, I shared an experience with them that changed my life and I just know we will be friends forever. Congrats Mumma G, love ya Bev, love you all!
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