Paul Chuckle Reveals The Chucklevision Theme Tune Once Saved A Girl's Life

They may be comedy legends and British national treasures, but did you know that Paul and Barry Chuckle were also miracle workers? In an extraordinary interview, Paul Chuckle has revealed that the theme tune to their hit show ChuckleVision once saved a little girl's life.

After sadly losing his brother Barry last year, Paul Chuckle has been adapting to life without his best friend and comedy partner - and in a new interview he's revealed one of his most precious memories of their career.

The brothers' show ChuckleVision was a staple of many Brits' childhoods and most of us know the theme tune well. Paul has recently revealed that one young girl was such a big fan of the show that the theme tune managed to bring her out of a deadly coma.

The 71-year-old told The Sun that the 8-year-old girl had gone into a coma after she contracted meningitis and that doctors were hours away from turning her life support off.

'The little girl was a massive ChuckleVision fan and never missed an episode. So the mum recorded the theme tune on loop and returned to her bed to play her the music,' Paul told the paper. Miraculously, the little girl woke up - and her first words were incredible.

Check out the video above for more on this unbelievable story...

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