Money Heist: Neymar Was In Season 3 And No One Noticed!

The football star Neymar has recently stated that he was in two episodes of season 3 of La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist in English. This statement took his fans and fans of the series by surprise, especially since no one even noticed him before he announced it himself on Twitter!

Dressed in red with a Salvador Dali mask on his face, Neymar has just realised his dream.

‘I was able to realise my dream and be part of my favourite series. And now I can share Joao with you all! Thank you, @lacasadepapel!’ rejoiced the 27-year-old footballer on his Twitter account.

An unexpected announcement

The striker who has a 222-million-euro transfer fee was given some time off from the transfer market to play the Brazilian monk, Joao, in Season 3 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ or ‘Money Heist’ in English. In episode six (at 3’44) and episode eight (at 2’08) which were released on Netflix on 19th July 2019, Neymar said to Berlin in the abbey where some of the story takes place that he doesn’t like ‘football nor partying’, and adds ‘At the World Cup, I always pray for our team,’ before leaving.

His post was retweeted more than 14,000 times since it went up online and caused a lot of excitement and smiles. In fact, according to transfer rumours, Neymar Jr. also included the hashtag #nuevofichaje to his post, which means ‘new recruit’ in English. An ironic wink that his fans really loved.

His scenes were cut from the show

But how is it that the famous PSG striker wasn’t recognised before? After one month and millions of views, nobody managed to recognise Neymar in his monk’s costume with the Dali mask because, according to a source: ‘Netflix completely removed him from the series and from all scenes involving him because they didn’t want bad press, due to his still unconcluded rape trial.’

In response to his tweet, the series’ official account responded: ‘Welcome to the gang.’ A transfer passage to Spain? Nothing is for sure yet.

For more information, check out the video above!

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