'I’m A Celeb 2020': the bitter argument ITV cut from the show

I’m A Celeb 2020 campmates Vernon Kay and Ruthie Henshall had a row that was cut from the programme, it has been revealed. Tensions rose during the Serpent challenge in which Ruthie, Vernon, Mo and Victoria were trying to win their campmates treats from home and Vernon managed to wind Ruthie right up.

I’m A Celeb 2020 has been relatively drama-free when compared to previous years, with most of the campmates seeming to get along very well most of the time. However, it has now been revealed that an argument between Ruthie Henshall and Vernon Kay occurred during a trial and was cut from the show.

The disagreement happened whilst the campmates were competing in The Serpent challenge–in which they were trying to win treats from home for their fellow celebs by tipping balls into a hole. Ruthie and her partner Mo Farah didn’t do too well, only getting two balls out of a possible five, whilst Vernon and Victoria Derbyshire managed to get four. But there was another tense moment in the challenge that viewers didn’t get to see.

Ruthie Henshall and Vernon Kay’s argument

A source said:

Ruthie was just so desperate to get everyone their treat from home that in the heat of the moment she snapped at Vernon. He was trying to be supportive but Ruthie clearly took it the wrong way and briefly barked back at him. Vernon sometimes goes into host mode, which is only natural given it’s his day job, and she felt it was distracting her focus.

However, the pair seem to have made things up since their unseen row, with the source blaming the stressful conditions for the short tempers and saying:

It was a fleeting clash, and everyone was friends again afterwards. They were just so keen to get everyone their treats and precious messages from home that the red mist rose for a moment.

Ruthie became the second campmate to be voted out of I’m A Celeb 2020, leaving the castle on Sunday night. Meanwhile, Vernon has made it to the final six, alongside Mo Farah, Shane Richie, AJ Pritchard, Jordan North and last woman standing Giovanna Fletcher. The first ever King or Queen of the Castle will be crowned live on Friday night.

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