Homer Simpson Very Nearly Had A Top Secret Identity

Following along the same lines as superheroes, Homer Simpson was almost given a double personality in The Simpsons. Behind the scenes, Matt Groening actually wanted to give him an alter-ego, who was well known to fans of the series.

Any fan of the Simpsons can’t deny that there is a striking resemblance between Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown, obviously if we discount the mad haircut and red nose.

Although they are never referenced in the series, the physical traits that Marge’s hilarious husband and the star on the small screen have in common, are actually not just a coincidence. In 1986, the year the series was created, Matt Groening actually planned on giving the famous Donut lover a double identity.

An ambitious project

Just like Bruce Wayne did when becoming Batman, Homer could have actually put on Krusty the Clown’s costume every once in a while. His family and friends obviously wouldn’t have known that the chemical plant’s employee was also the troublemaker behind the TV show that was loved by kids. Bart also would have ended up both looking down on and idolised his dad.

The series’ creator eventually decided not to pursue this idea. Although it could have been quite amusing, the idea would have resulted in a really big plot twist. However, Homer has actually been able to squeeze into Krusty’s costume in one of the episodes, the fifteenth episode of season 6 to be exact, which is titled ‘Homer the Clown. In this episode, the dad had to pass for the star in front of the godfather from the mafia, Don Vittoria DiMaggio.

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