Emily Atack Reveals She Was UNINVITED From The Inbetweeners Reunion At The Last Minute

The Inbetweeners festive special will NOT be featuring I'm A Celeb star Emily Atack (aka Charlotte 'Big Jugs' Hinchliffe) after she was uninvited by producers at the eleventh hour. Emily took to the radio to reveal exactly what happened...

We were over the moon to discover that there would be an Inbetweeners festive special - and it seemed like a dead cert that I'm A Celeb runner-up Emily Atack would be making an appearance. 

However, it's now been revealed that Emily WON'T be appearing after all - which is pretty bizarre considering she was a pretty major character (come on, we all remember THAT sex scene) and even Patrice the French exchange who only appeared in one episode is going to be appearing. 

Check out the video above to see what Emily had to say about the snub!

Daisy Jones
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