Black Mirror Series 5: Everything You Need To Know

The fifth series of Black Mirror doesn’t yet have an official release date, but two new names have just been added to the cast: two actors from the Marvel and DC franchise! We’ll tell you all about it.

A few months ago, the creators of black mirror surprised us with the interactive episode “Bandersnatch”, which was a huge success.

Recently, streaming giant Netflix confirmed its desire to invest in interactive storylines.


Regarding the series 5 casting for Black Mirror, which doesn’t yet have a release date, we told you a while ago that the singer Miley Cyrus could join the adventure, as she was spotted on the outskirts of the studios. Even though the singer hasn’t yet been confirmed, we have the names of two actors who have been added to the cast.

These are actor Anthony Mackie, who has played Falcon in a number of Marvel films, including Avengers: Infinity War, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who was Black Manta in the film Aquaman.

The themes in series 5

Charlie Brooker, the producer of Black Mirror, announced that series 5’s episodes will deal with more positive themes: “We want to write more optimistic stories rather than just producing negative episodes; we don’t want to get stuck in a rut” he revealed in an interview with the Times.

As with every series, theories are rife, and there are a lot of rumours talking about an episode which will depict a dictator using technology to their advantage – but yet again, nothing is confirmed.

The USS Callister Episode

Toby Haynes, who created the episode “USS Callister” (the first episode of series 4) has implied to the Hollywood Reporter that he had an idea for the villain Captain Daly (played by Jesse Plemons) after the captain survived the end of the episode; the character, then, may return.

“There’s this brilliant idea which is still alive, and his attempted murder is pinned on someone…who do the fingerprints in the apartment belong to? There are so many things to do.”

That’s not all; another rumour doing the rounds is that one potential consequence of the story (which has served as a warped Star Trek parody) may be turned into a spin-off!

“I would like to do a TV series of USS Callister – it’s probably one of the best pilots for a never-produced space series.”

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