Will There Be A Joker Sequel?

Let’s face it: Joker was a box office smash—the popular flick has made $1 billion across the globe—and when a movie earns a lot of cash, talks about a sequel will definitely arise.

Will There Be A Joker Sequel?
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Will There Be A Joker Sequel?

Joker's tremendous box office success is more incredible than people thought. This fall has featured more than its fair share of commercial bombs, but Joker was the one true breakaway hit of the season. Opening in early October, the film shattered multiple records in its first weekend and continued to hold strong through the remainder of the month.

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It’s common for a sequel to follow a box office smash. But that may not be the case for Joker. One source says there won’t be a sequel, while another says there will be. It’s confusing.

The Hollywood Reporter declares that there will be a sequel! They recently composed an article declaring that Todd Phillips is set to come back as the director. And Joaquin Phoenix will return as the Joker.

But other sources deny the sequel rumours! Deadline claims Phillips and Scott Silver (the writer of the first movie) have not begun discussing a sequel. What is going on?

Variety also confirms that there are no current sequel-related talks. But the idea is on the table! However, there’s no storyline or anything in the works. This is so confusing.

So what’s the deal? Will there be a sequel or not? It looks like we won’t know for some time, but we can always enjoy watching Joker over and over again while we wait for news! What does Phillips have to say about the possibility of a sequel? Tune into our video to find out.

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