Jason Momoa Reveals How He Really Got The Scar On His Eyebrow

Jason Momoa has become a household name following his roles hits like Game of Thrones and Aquaman. Where did he get the scar in his eyebrow from? The man himself reveals the story behind it.

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Jason Momoa is well known for having played the roles as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Aquaman (and possibly another Superhero soon). It’s hard to imagine him without his legendary, brown beard, but he has recently shaved it off to show his support in the fight against climate change. But if one thing is certain, the scar on his right eyebrow is by far his most recognisable feature... his physique is a close second.

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The story behind the scar

During an interview with the New York Post, Jason Momoa opened up about the circumstances surrounding the origins of the scar. It all took place in 2008, when the actor, true to form, was in a bar when someone violently attacked him with a pint of beer.

The impact was so brutal that the glass smashed in Jason Momoa’s face, and crucially down the arch of his right eyebrow. Following the incident, the actor underwent serious treatment and received no less than 140 stitches.

I wasn’t so clever any more

Jason Momoa had trouble settling back to normal life: “All my life, people called me handsome. From this moment, that all came to an end”. The story could have certainly had a bad ending but the actor was able to make a full recovery, thanks to his impressive mental strength.

The scar has not held him back from his career on the silver screen, on the contrary. It became his trademark which very few other actors possess.

So it seems Jason Momoa should be thanking that person. If he ever bumps into them at the bar, he should buy them a drink to replace the one they broke on his face.

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