You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You See How Long This Train Really Is

When the train arrived into the station it was so long we thought it would never end!

When we travel, we sometimes come across some very surprising things... Like this train for instance, which would surprise anyone who isn’t used to it! It's up to you to judge from these images. 

At least we can say that this train can’t stop just anywhere. Because of its length, it can only be accommodated at a station with a platform of sufficient length. It is so big it never seems to stop… 

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So much so that it takes two whole minutes for it to stop completely. It must be quite frustrating for the passengers on board who are in a hurry or have a correspondence waiting for them ... We see them at the doors, ready to jump out the second he train comes to a halt. People who want to board don’t waste any time either and run to get to the huge train. However, given its length there must be plenty of room for everyone... We would also like to see what it looks like inside this train! 

The advantage is that it can carry many people or a lot of goods, which can be very useful.

Check out the video above to see the train for yourself! 

Jared Taylor
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