This Is Why You Should ALWAYS Keep Your Boarding Pass

Think of your boarding pass as a travel ID. Let us explain why you shouldn't dispose of it without thinking about it first.

It's the holidays, you're in a state of euphoria and can't wait to catch the flight that will take you to a far-away destination... Be careful, though, once your flight is over. Even if you think your boarding pass is no longer useful when your trip is over, do not leave it on the plane or throw it away.

In addition to indicating the type of security you will have to undergo at boarding, it contains valuable information about you and could fall into the wrong hands. In fact, hackers and identity thieves could easily use your personal data.

A lot of personal information

Winston Krone, a cybercrime expert, informs us that a boarding pass has a barcode, and when it is scanned, it reveals a lot more confidential information about you, like your home address, your e-mail address, your phone number and even some of your financial data, and a hacker could have access to all of this very easily."

How to get rid of them safely

Okay so, of course, you don't have to keep all your boarding passes and collect them, but try getting rid of them once you're home so that nobody can get ahold of them. This will spare you the risk of being scammed afterward.

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