This Is The Real Reason Plane Lights Go On And Off During Landing

The reason is simple and obvious!

When we fly on an plane, there are lots of things for which we don't know the reason, such as why the window covers need to remain open for landing and takeoff, or why the flight attendants greet us with their hands behind their back. Today, we will explain why cabin lighting is turned off during take-off and landing of aircraft.

A good reason:

The main reason for lowering aircraft lights during take-offs, landings and at night is to make sure the eyes of passengers and staff get used to the dark. In the case of an emergency evacuation, when the plane catches fire for example, the main electrical power of the airplane must be cut as soon as possible, and the conventional lights won't work anymore.

Anticipating an emergency evacuation:

A weak lighting system is then engaged; an evacuation of this type must be carried out in 90 seconds maximum. Therefore, having lowered the lights allows an effective evacuation - as the eyes of the passengers will have had time to acclimate to the darkness.

So, no reason to panic; it's just a preventative measure in case something goes wrong during the flight. As they say, prevention is better than a cure!

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