These Baggage Handlers Were Caught On Camera Doing Something Shocking

These Baggage Handlers Were Caught On Camera Doing Something Shocking

When you buy your plane ticket, you expect your luggage to be handled with the utmost care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case...

It's finally the holidays! The moment you've been awaiting for weeks. Everything is ready, you just have to get on the plane and let yourself relax. But here's the tragic part. You arrive at the baggage claim to get your suitcase and it is in a horrible state! Dirty, scratched and with a wheel that will never roll like it used to again...

Checking your suitcase during a flight means you're trusting the airline you're using. While all goes well most of the time, in this video, you will find that it is possible to find unprofessional baggage handlers who do not take care of the luggage they handle.

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Damaged suitcases

In these images shot in Saudi Arabia, you can see two men carelessly swinging suitcases on the belt. It looks pretty violent and it is clear that almost all the bags are deformed on impact with the belt. It is almost certain that if they contain fragile objects, those will be damaged.

We bet Saudi Airlines passengers on that plane of were very pleased upon picking up their luggage ... Fortunately, these suitcases were not filled with live spiders or human skulls (if that ever happens, some people like to come back home with some weird memories). On the other hand, if the baggage handlers had manhandled the suitcase where a contortionist robber had hidden to loot the travelers, it would have been payback for him!

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