Slovenia: A Public Beer Fountain Set Up In A Park In Zalec

This is no joke...for all beer lovers this is a dream come true, public beer fountain. Watch our video to learn more about this awesome idea!

Slovenia: A Public Beer Fountain Set Up In A Park In Zalec
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The Details

Are you lovin' this idea? Who wouldn't? Thousands of tourists are enjoying the sweet company of a nice cold beer on a hot sunny day. This fountain is situated in the heart of Slovenia, Zalec. The fountains dispense 8 different types of beer and drinker's must pay around £5.23 for a glass (100ml) of beer but they will get 5 refills! Some of the beer offerings include Laško’s Kukec dark beer, Kratochwill honey light beer, and Vizir IPA.

According to the mayor, Janko Kos, 'the point is not letting people get drunk here, we want to promote the culture of drinking beer'. The total cost of the project was about £149,000 and was introduced to help promote tourism for the country. Plus, the park is surrounded by hop plantations. Not a bad idea right?

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