Everyone Wants A Photograph Of This Suburban Street For One Bizarre Reason

Everyone Wants A Photograph Of This Suburban Street For One Bizarre Reason

Renowned for being the residential street with the biggest incline in the world, Baldwin Street, in the suburbs of Dunedin, New Zealand, attracts the curiosity of many tourists.

A road with many inspirations

When the British geometrician Charles Kettle drew the plans for the Dunedin roads in New Zealand in the mid-19th century, he had copied the model of the elegant grid planning of the new city of Edinburgh. But, to adapt it to the terrain, he had to add some big surprises.

Impressive numbers

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The Dunedin Road is 350 metres long, and reaches 100 metres high at its summit. Knowing that its base height is 30 metres, its slope has an average elevation of 20%, which means you can enjoy great slides if you dare to roller blade down for example!

The place for charitable actions

The street is also used to organise a charity event each year in July, the Cadbury Jaffa Race. On this occasion, 25 000 chocolates wrapped in coloured balls, like Kinder eggs, are thrown from the top of the street and run down to raise funds.

You have to be well equipped

Legend has it that only robust vehicles, like a 4x4, will be able to overcome this steep street. Side pedestrian stairs have replaced sidewalks. If the crazy idea of making the ascent comes to you, know that at the top of the slope a fountain rewards the brave.

• Oliver Davis
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