Tiger Bone Wine - The Chinese Remedy May Fight Rheumatism But Not Cruelty

It is estimated that between 5000 and 6000 tigers are now being raised in China. Their bones will then be dipped in alcohol to make tiger bone wine, their meat will be sold, and their skin turned into carpets for the Chinese ‘elite’.

Last week we were talking about the very good news that China was backtracking on its decision to re-legalise the trade in tiger and rhinoceros horn bones.

But if this decision is positive for wild tigers... it does not change anything for those who are raised in cages. They are estimated to reach a number of about 6000 through 200 ‘farms’... while the planet has only a few 3000 individual tigers in the wild!

Another unfounded medicinal belief

This wine is believed to cure rheumatism and arthritis. In any case, that is what is claimed by Chinese poachers who raise tigers in captivity and starve them, in order to make a strange beverage with their bones.

Thus, the felines are locked in abominable conditions: cages that are too small for them, the animals are malnourished, beaten... and we stop there. Once the tigers have died as a result of these mistreatments, their carcasses are transformed into wine which will be sold at around £130 a bottle!

Donkey gets mauled by tigers at a Chinese zoo Donkey gets mauled by tigers at a Chinese zoo