People Can't Believe What The Kinder Bar Kid Looks Like Now

We’ve been seeing his face since we were children and yet no one knew his name. Although he brightened up our snacks, the child from the Kinder bar box actually does exist. But where is he now?

Although Kinder had been using the face of the German boy Günter Euringer for almost 30 years, in 2005, this ‘child’ was replaced by a young English boy called Josh Bateson. Now, he is all grown up and is definitely easy on the eyes!

The Kinder ‘kid’!

Although he’ll never grow up in our minds, it’s interesting to know that today, he is 24 years old. Originally from London, Josh Bateson recently posted a photo with him holding a packet of the famous chocolate bars in front of his face.

A photo that immediately blew up and you can see why when you see the face in the background…

More than 137,000 followers

Although he was found on Tinder because of an explicit message in his profile’s biography, Josh Bateson has become a real bad boy to follow on Instagram.

A perfect smile, a very toned figure, beautiful blue eyes… In sum, the little boy from the Kinder bars really has changed.

We’ll let you check out Josh Bateson’s physical transformation in the video above. Feast your eyes!

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