Facebook is changing its name as part of company rebrand

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is changing its name, and the reasons given are quite surprising. The social network wants to launch Web 3.0.

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Facebook has been criticized and attacked many times and is the subject of much controversy. But behind the scenes, the president Mark Zuckerberg has great ambitions for his group and now wants to become a leader in the metaverse, 'the internet of tomorrow.' To reflect this: the name will change!

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Facebook: name change for a new direction?

While the company has announced it will recruit more than 10,000 employees within 5 years in the field of metaverse, Zuckerberg has also declared that he wants to change the name of the group. The facebook.com website will remain as is, but Facebook Incorporated, the parent company, will change its name.

The official reason is therefore that of the metaverse, and that Facebook wishes to build a persistent and interactive virtual world, in addition to launching itself into cryptocurrencies. This futuristic ambition will be reflected in a new title, which Internet users are already trying to imagine.

According to The Verge, who broke the story, the new name will be effective as of next week at the Facebook Connect conference on October 28.

The goal: to have a parent company detached from its products—Oculus, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

Separating the company's products and announcing surprising projects

However, several dissenting voices have been raised, pointing to the repeated cases against Facebook: whistleblowers, a series of bad buzzes and a political crisis. Is the new name simply a way of making people forget Facebook's troubles? Mark Zuckerberg categorically refutes these claims.

Instead, for Zuckerberg, this rebranding is about the future and the technologies of tomorrow.

Facebook reveals name change amongst recent controversies Facebook reveals name change amongst recent controversies