Watch Out For These Warning Signs - You Could Be Having A ‘Brown-Out’ Without Realising

The ‘brown-out’ is a brand new syndrome which you have quite possibly been affected by.

We spend most of our time at work, so it's important to do a job that motivates us. However, many people are not thriving within their craft, or in their everyday life. If that's your case, you probably have brown-out syndrome.

What is it?

This syndrome occurs when we have a decrease in motivation, and when we are feeling tired with our work. Those who are having a ‘brown-out’ do not understand their place in their business, they have also lost sight of their goals. To better understand what a ‘brown-out’ is, The Telegraph has listed ten habits and feelings that the victims of the syndrome suffer from.

Those who suffer from a ‘brown-out’ see their job as a chore, and desperately need intellectual stimulation. They are overwhelmed by their work and don’t understand why they are doing what they do, knowing that there is always more work around the corner. They have a disinterest in their job, so they never come up with new ideas or take initiatives. Their health also takes a hit, because they no longer eat or sleep well. There are also moral consequences, because they lose that little spark which defined them. They lose their sense of humour, and the smile gradually fades from their faces. Their friends and family find that they have changed, certainly because of a loss of self-esteem. They can no longer tell if they are important, and they don’t know if their boss is happy with the work they are doing. In general, they no longer have control over their careers, and do not know what direction it is taking.

If you recognise any of these symptoms within yourself, it may be because you’ve done everything you wanted to do with your job, you’re going around in circles and you need something new which will stimulate and reboot you! It may be time for you to think about changing jobs or companies.

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