This Scientist Reckons We May Well Remain Conscious During Our Own Death

This Scientist Reckons We May Well Remain Conscious During Our Own Death

What really happens when we die? Even though people can’t actually respond to stimulus when they are dead, researchers have nevertheless made a surprising discovery on the subject. After your death, your brain and body are still quite intensely active.

Is there life after death? Although no one has really been able to give a definite answer about this, it seems that our bodies continue to be somewhat active after we die.

A state of consciousness that continues after death

A study at the School of Medicine at the Stony Brook University in New York has recently changed how we think about death. Until now, we all used to think that our body stops working when our heart stops beating, but recent tests carried out on rats may have proved the opposite.

During these tests, an increase in brain waves in the period after the heart stops was recorded by researchers, who also discovered that some brain cells took several hours to die. This electric activity could be due to calcium which fills brain cells after death and causes a physiological phenomenon which could explain some people having strange experiences that we can’t explain.

White lights, feeling quite calm, accelerated thoughts. All of these sensations could be due to a certain ‘consciousness’ that could continue after the brain really dies.

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After we die, it is possible that our brain functions start to get slower and slower, perhaps making us realize that we are no longer a part of this world…

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