This Google Exec Is Predicting The ‘End Of Humanity’ By 2045

For once, it’s not a conspiracy theory that’s predicting the end of our species, but rather the giant Google. And this apocalyptic theory isn’t exactly reassuring…

This prediction was made by one of Google’s company executives, the chief of engineering to be more exact. Ray Kurzweil has actually suggested that robots’ artificial intelligence will reach levels of human intelligence by 2029, a move which ‘will change the nature of humanity itself.’

The Google executive has predicted that these ‘artificial super-intelligent’ beings will be developed between 2029 and 2045 and this is when everything could change, as is explained on Unilad

‘At the moment, we have AI which is intelligent at doing one thing, but a breakthrough is expected to happen over the next decade.’

‘Once AI is able to become adaptable and turn its hand to a wider variety of tasks, the Turing Test will be passed. […] The next step will then be ASI – artificial super-intelligence – where machines are more intelligent and stronger than humans.’

To give you a bit of extra background information, the Turing test is a test that is carried out to measure a machine’s ability to understand and comprehend things in a similar way to a human’s intelligence. During this test, a machine will have a discussion with a human. This exchange will then be read by an ‘evaluator’ who will need to identify which counterpart is the machine and which is the human within 5 minutes. If they are wrong or are unable to differentiate between them… then the Turing test will be validated.

The scientist believes that by 2029, machines will be a lot more powerful than human brains. This prediction sounds a lot like the plot for a futuristic action film than reality.

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