Talking to Yourself Is A Sign of Intelligence According to Science

According to a study carried out by British scientists, talking to yourself could be a sign of superior intelligence.

Do you often surprise yourself when you talk to yourself out loud? Do you think you’re going completely crazy? Well don’t worry, it’s completely normal and can even be a sign of intelligence. According to scientists at the University of Bangor, talking aloud to yourself helps to develop cognitive benefits. It also allows you to handle your anxieties better, stay focused for longer and be more aware of your thoughts, according to psychotherapist Cécile Bouvet-Jacques.

Often talking to yourself can help you to reduce stress by giving yourself a little support and soothing your anxieties by controlling them and releasing them afterwards. What’s more, talking out loud can also be a memory exercise, and make you more intelligent. You analyse situations quicker and easier than people who don’t. Now, when you talk to yourself out loud in front of a mirror, you don’t have to feel guilty.

Anna Wilkins
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