According To A Study, Talking To Yourself Could Reveal Something Quite Surprising About You

According to a study led by British scientists, talking to yourself could be a sign of superior intelligence.

Are you often surprised when you talk to yourself out loud? Do you think you’re totally crazy? Well, let us tell you that it’s perfectly normal and can even be a sign of intelligence. According to scientists from the University of Bangor in the United Kingdom, talking out loud to yourself can have cognitive benefits. According to psychotherapist Cécile Bouvet-Jacques, it can also help you to better manage your anxiety because you are more focused and more aware of your thoughts.

More often than not, talking to yourself can help you destress, which can act a bit like a support system and also help you get rid of your anxieties by controlling them and thus freeing yourself from them. Furthermore, talking out loud can help us train our memory, which then makes us more intelligent. We are then able to analyse situations more quickly and easily than the average person. So, from here on out, when you find yourself talking to yourself in front of the mirror, you don’t have to feel guilty!

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Anna Wilkins
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