This Is The Real Reason Women Sleep A Lot Less Than Men

According to a study, women sleep a lot less than their male partners. There are lots of theories and reasons for this, so let’s explain why.

We’ve all been there, after a bad night, the next day can be difficult. Lack of concentration, irritation, fatigue… There are lots of consequences to not getting enough sleep. According to a study carried out by Bensons for Beds, a British company, it’s actually women who suffer from a lack of sleep the most. According to the study, there is even a ‘gender sleep gap’. The company claims that on average, women sleep three hours less a night than their male partners.

A rough night, huge consequences

According to the study’s results, 50% of women who were questioned said that they were constantly tired and 35% said that they have a broken night’s sleep every night. As a result, 25% of women claim they are exhausted, and this affects how they feel about themselves and has an impact on their daily lives. 21% say that they feel ugly when they haven’t slept properly. 34% feel depressed and 21% said that their diet goes out the window when they’re exhausted.

But why do women sleep so badly?

The reasons given by people in this study are pretty simple: their partner’s annoying snoring habits and needing to take care of their children when they wake up during the night.

How can you change things?

So how can both men and women both get the same quality of sleep? One possible solution is for the men to take care of the children themselves when they wake up during the night.

As for snoring, this can be a symptom for a more serious condition, but it isn’t an end in itself. A partner’s snoring can have terrible effects on their partner’s mental health and can also cause problems for your relationship. To identify the different factors that lead to snoring, click here!

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