This Stranger Things Star Has Just Been Cast In The New Ghostbusters Movie

Ghostbusters is coming back with a new feature film! The cast includes two actors you know very well. Hint: they're in very popular Netflix series.

Ghostbusters is probably one of the most classic sagas of American film. The film will return by the summer of 2020, and will be directed by Jason Reitman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director has just hired McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard, whom you saw in Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House.

The cast is coming together

Whilst the name McKenna Grace may not ring a bell, but the actress made her debut in 2018's hit Netflix series: The Haunting of Hill House. Indeed, she played the role of young Theodora Crain in the horror series. This young actress has just been recruited by Jason Reitman to star in the next Ghostbusters. He has also hired Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike from Stranger Things. They will play a teenage brother and sister, who are raised by their mother, played by actress Carrie Coon. The director has also revealed some information about the project, but to find out more, you'll have to watch the video above!

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