The world's first Sky Pool just opened in London

Transparent and suspended 35 metres in the air, this unique pool, known as the Sky Pool, offers a magnificent view of London. Just beware your vertigo

Swimming 35 metres high in a pool suspended between two skyscrapers above the streets of London. For some, this scenario is a waking nightmare, for others a daydream.

Connecting the 10th floors of two skyscrapers

But the Sky Pool is very much real. The 25-metre long, 6-metre wide, completely transparent pool is accessible to a lucky few, the residents of a luxury housing development, the Embassy Gardens, in the upmarket Nine Elms area of south-west London.

It connects the tenth floors of two buildings and will allow swimmers to see Parliament, the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster in between swims. The water in the pool alone weighs around 375 tonnes! A technical miracle that required the expertise of two architectural firms and an engineering office.

Sky Pool, the world's largest self-supporting acrylic glass pool

Its thick acrylic glass structure—30 centimetres thick for the bottom and 20 centimetres thick for the walls —makes London's Sky Pool the largest self-supporting acrylic pool in the world. A project coming up to a staggering £1 billion.

The Sky Pool was manufactured in Colorado, USA by a specialist company before being shipped by truck to the Port of Galveston, Texas. The Sky Pool was then shipped to the Port of Tilbury in London.

The full opening of this unique pool is scheduled for 19 May 2021. However, some swimmers were able to inaugurate the pool to take promotional photos of the Sky Pool in mid-April.

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