Missing woman found 11 years later at neighbour's house

A woman who went missing in India in 2010 has been found eleven years later. She had been living secretly with her partner right next to her family.

This is a strange case of disappearance. In 2010, an Indian woman named Sajitha suddenly disappeared. Eleven years later, she was found alive and living next door to her family with her partner.

She suddenly disappears to go live with her neighbour

Sajitha had been worrying her entire family in India for more than a decade. The woman disappeared from her village in the state of Kerala in 2010 when she was just 18 years old. More than a decade later, when her family had lost all hope, Sajitha was found alive. What was she doing all this time and where was she?

The facts date back to February 2010 when Sajitha left her family without leaving anything behind. When she was only 18 years old, the young woman wanted to live with her lover, Alinchuvattil Rahman. She left her family and went to his house 500 metres away from her family. She secretly lived with her sweetheart for 11 years in a small room. Rahman's relatives did not know that they were harbouring the young woman.

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She lived hidden for 11 years

Basheer, Alinchuvattil Rahman's brother, said that his brother always locked his bedroom door. He said he was behaving very strangely, but he better understands his actions now. He told the Indian Express:

Sometimes he acted like a deranged person. He could get violent if someone tried to go in his room.

According to him, Alinchuvattil often took food into his room.

Rahman and Sajitha spent years lying to their relatives. According to a Nenmara police officer, the two lovers hid their relationship for fear of being criticised. Rahman thought that Sajitha would never be accepted into his family, as they did not share the same religion. In any case, no one expected to find Sajitha in the village...

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