Car 'swallowed' in seconds by an abyss in India

In a residential area of Bombay (India), a car was suddenly swallowed up by a chasm that had just formed in the sodden ground on Sunday 13 June.

Car 'swallowed' in seconds by a giant pothole after a bad storm
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Heavy weather in the Bombay region of India over the past few days has had a rather unexpected consequence. On Sunday 13 June, Kiran Doshi, a 67-year-old man, saw his car swallowed up in just a few seconds by an abyss that had formed just under his wheels.

'We saw that our car was tilting'

Kiran Doshi, a doctor by trade, told Reuters that he was completely helpless when the incident occurred.

We saw that our car was tilting. My two children ran out of the house. My wife and daughter-in-law were upstairs, and by the time my children came down, the car had started to slowly drown in the abyss.
Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law had her mobile phone, with which she first took photos and then recorded a video when the car started to sink.

As a result, the scene has been making the rounds on social networks since then, with many internet users stunned speechless in the face of this rather curious phenomenon.

A sinkhole caused by torrential rain

Authorities quickly intervened to pull the car out of the chasm. The authorities later declared that recent bad weather in the area had caused the ground to subside, inducing the accident.

'We removed the water from the well by pumping it out and then located the vehicle at the bottom' with the help of a crane, a police officer told The Indian Express. The operation to rescue the vehicle took about 12 hours.