Astronaut Thomas Pesquet's wife replaced him as soon as he boarded SpaceX

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet left Earth a few days ago to go to the International Space Station. Meanwhile, his wife Anne Mottet had already replaced him.

Five days ago, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet boarded the SpaceX rocket to reach the International Space Station. His wife wasted no time in replacing him with an unusual object.

Thomas Pesquet away from his wife in space

Thomas Pesquet had to say goodbye to his wife a few days ago to get to the International Space Station. He boarded the SpaceX rocket with a Japanese and two American astronauts. For six months, he will remain in space for the mission named Crew-2 and more than 400 kilometres separate him from his wife Anne Mottet.

A difficult separation for Anne Mottet who will only be able to see her husband in the coming months through a screen. 'From now on, I'll be watching you on screen,' she wrote on Twitter, already nostalgic. Anne Mottet already seems to be suffering from his absence and has wasted no time in replacing him.

Thomas Pesquet loin de sa femme, elle l’a déjà remplacé

Thomas Pesquet replaced by 'Flat Thomas'

Anne, an FAO livestock policy officer, finds it hard to live without Thomas Pesquet. So she found a way to fill his absence. Anna Motter replaced the famous astronaut with... a cardboard cutout with his face on it! She printed a life-size picture of Thomas Pesquet in his astronaut suit and gave him an adorable nickname.

'Back home with 'Flat Thomas.' Good night on the International Space Station,' she wrote on Instagram. Anne Mottet, sad about her husband's departure, put the 'Flat Thomas' next on Thomas Pesquet's side of the bed. She can therefore, in a way, feel his presence at bedtime and console herself during his absence. The picture made the internet users laugh a lot and they are numerous to support her. 'At least this one sure doesn't snore,' said one subscriber.

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