Streaming: the 13 best sites for free football streams, match highlights, live scores

Nowadays, watching football live is still very complicated. We have therefore selected for you the best free and paid streaming websites, to watch live matches and replays or summaries.

These Are The Best Live And Replay Websites To Stream Football
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These Are The Best Live And Replay Websites To Stream Football

With the multiplication of television channels on offer to watch football, it is becoming more and more complicated to watch all the matches that are of interest. Today, if you want to be able to follow all the major European leagues, Premier League, Champions League and international football live, you have to subscribe to RMC Sport, beIN Sports, Canal Plus, Eurosport, and soon Mediapro, just to name a few.

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The solution to avoid spending more than £100 per month is therefore streaming. Many sites abound on the web, all more or less legal depending on where the servers are hosted. The idea of this article is not to encourage you to hack into the private channels that hold the rights, but to offer you an alternative when you only have one or two legal subscriptions, a bit like for TV series and movies.

However, we recommend that you exercise caution when using all these sites. Beyond the legal aspect, it is better to have an ad blocker, since some sites are often very intrusive and can sometimes contain viruses. Using a VPN to connect from another geographical area can also be useful. Finally, before we list all these sites, know that a recent study has just proven that watching football is excellent for your health: so go for it!

The best streaming sites to watch live sports

Live TV: This regularly updated site offers all the major live matches, as well as numerous match rebroadcasts. There is a lot of football, but also almost all the other major sports, as well as live scores and quality video archives.

Sport Lemon: Under its simplistic appearance, this site brings together almost all sports and has the advantage of offering many different links. You can choose to watch the games in several different languages as well.

Haha Sports: It must be said this site is not very ergonomic, however it has an attractive selection when it comes to sports. The quality of the videos varies according to the match.

ATDHE: This American site is a gold mine when it comes to sports. It has a vast selection that few other sites can compete with.

Roja Directa: This site with the Spanish name has changed servers several times, but its selection is still as dense as ever. On the other hand, it is difficult to navigate on it, you have to find the links by scrolling at the time of the event.

The Soccer Thunder subreddit: Reddit is a new and very practical way to explore streams, even if most of the subreddits dedicated to these live events are regularly deleted. You need to explore the different posts and their comments to find the appropriate links.

Soccer Stream Club: A very good American streaming site dedicated to football, linked to the American sports site This site offers a lot of football, rugby, basketball, tennis and Formula 1.

Channelstream: This site is very easy to use and offers both live scores and television channels. It's not always easy to find live video, however.

Stream 2 Watch: This site has live TV, but also sports. It regularly redirects to sites that require a subscription, so it's up to you to find the right links so you don't have to create an account.

Firstrow Sports: A classic streaming site, with a varied selection in terms of sports, but few links available per match on the other hand.

STREAM FOOT: A site that brings together many football streams, but also several other sports, such as basketball, ice hockey, tennis and baseball. Some of the sites to which it redirects require subscriptions, but it is possible to find the right links so that you don't have to create an account.

Volka Stream: This website is back for the 2019 Champions League, it has live scores and channels dedicated to the various events.

The best video match summary sites

If you don't want to stream to avoid doing something illegal or contracting a web virus, here is a list of very useful sites to watch video summaries of matches. Of course, we did not specify the official Youtube channels of the various championships, which are uploading more and more match summaries. When they exist, go ahead without hesitation, these have the optimal quality even if these summaries are often too short!

The same applies to the official websites of the major broadcasters, such as beIN Sports, which offer in-house summaries of the matches they broadcast live, as well as large formats for the most important matches.

Footyroom: This site is a real gem. You can see summaries of all the main matches in the major leagues, the Champions League and international matches. This site also regularly offers archives of famous matches, which is always nice.

OKGoals: Also a very good site, especially since they add the summaries available on Youtube when they find them. You can sort by country if you only want to see matches from a particular league.

Goals Arena: A very useful site because it offers a multitude of summaries. Image quality is not always ideal, but it is difficult to complain when you see how wide the selection is.

Football Highlight: Practical, however, you will need to disable your ad blocker if you want to use it.

The best live score and stats sites

The last solution, for live fans who don't like to go to streaming sites, is to follow the matches in Live Score mode. The interest may lie in the many statistics that often appear on these reference sites.

If you want to simplify your life without going to one of these sites, Google directly offers live match scores if you type the name of the match into its search engine. For big games, by clicking on the score, you will even get statistical details, the names of the scorers, as well as the live rankings.

Yahoo: Yahoo has the advantage of referencing articles from many other sites, which allows you to follow scores live when there are big matches while reading the news.

Live TV: Also offers a very wide range of scores, which are not always updated quickly, but this site has the merit of presenting almost all the possible results.

Football Our little bonus. No live scores, but a good selection in terms of current events around the world of football. The site is quite ugly, but it lists almost all the articles on the web that talk about football, and you can sort the news by leagues, clubs or competitions.

Whoscored: Probably the most complete site for statistics lovers. Everything is there: team stats, leagues, players of course, scorers, passers, number of cards distributed, minutes played, and even dribbles per match, shots on target... A real gold mine!

Transfermarkt: This site is very practical for transfer lovers. It gives a credible market value of all professional players in the world, as well as information on their contractual situation.

Football Data Base: This site is very old now. As its name suggests, it is a formidable database on European, and even global, football.

Sky Sports will be live streaming tonight's Liverpool vs Chelsea game for free! Sky Sports will be live streaming tonight's Liverpool vs Chelsea game for free!