While Hiking In Australia This Man Stumbled Upon A Horrifying Discovery

As he was calmly strolling through the beautiful landscape, a tourist made a frightening discovery in Australia. He shared a photo of his find, and it quickly went viral and provoked panicked reactions on social media…

A traumatised tourist shared a scary photo on social media. While walking in a vineyard in Australia, the individual found himself face to face with a nest of giant spiders on a wooden board.

The photos were taken in the Yarra Valley, 55 miles east of Melbourne. In one of them we can see a dozen spiders on the board. They belong to the species sparassidae, and their legs can reach up to 12 inches long. This is definitely the kind of spider that we've got nightmares of.

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As one internet user said in the many reactions posted after the publication of the photos, they also have the ability to jump and run at the speed of 3 feet per second - like something straight out of a horror movie. Their bites can be painful and cause swelling, but these spiders do not pose any danger to humans. We can imagine however the chills that went through this tourist’s body when he stumbled upon this family.

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